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HR Driving Courses in Perth

TLIC3004 Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle

Deep Driving School in Perth offers the HR driving course if you’re interested in enhancing your driving skills and gaining access to interesting career opportunities in the transport and logistics industry. This specialised programme provides aspiring truck drivers with extensive training to operate large rigid vehicles, equipping them with the skills necessary to pursue lucrative employment opportunities in the transportation industry.

HR Licence - Eligibility

In Western Australia, to obtain your HR Heavy Rigid licence, you must not only pass a truck driver’s exam but also satisfy certain eligibility requirements.

  • To be eligible for an HR licence, you must possess a valid driver’s licence of class C for two years.
  • Or a licence for Light Rigid (LR class) or Medium Rigid (MR class) for a minimum of one year.
  • Conduct a vision test as required by the Department of Transportation.

If you are confident that you meet those requirements, please schedule your HR driving lessons immediately.

HR Training Course Fee 2023

HR - Automatic Gearbox

One day Course – $1050

5 Hours Training including Theory And Assessment

HR - Synchromesh Gearbox

One day Course – $1100

6 Hours of Training including Theory And Assessment

Why select Deep Driving School?

 Deep Driving School is renowned in Perth as a dependable and knowledgeable provider of driver education. With a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors, they ensure that students receive superior education and hands-on training, preparing them for successful driving careers.

The HR driving course offered by Deep Driving School provides a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of heavy vehicle operation. The training emphasises vehicle safety, techniques for cargo restraint, driving in various traffic conditions, and compliance with applicable regulations. By completing the course, you acquire the self-assurance and skills necessary to operate heavy rigid vehicles safely and competently.

In addition, choosing Deep Driving School grants you access to superior facilities and cutting-edge training vehicles. They prioritise creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, enabling you to maximise your learning potential and maximise your training experience.

In conclusion, enrolling in an HR driving course with Deep Driving School in Perth is an excellent way to improve your driving abilities and launch a rewarding career in the transportation and logistics industry. By meeting the requirements, investing in the course, and selecting a reputable provider like Deep Driving School, you can acquire the skills necessary to operate heavy rigid vehicles and open up a world of exciting job opportunities.