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Training Courses & Fees

Car Automatic & Manual Gearbox, Medium Rigid Manual Gearbox and Heavy Rigid HR Automatic & Synchromesh Gearbox details Course fee available 

CAR Licence

You can fill logbook auto and manual both transmission, Cert IV qualified instructor has 13 years of experience in the industry, Male and female instructors available at most dot locations


“If want to Hire Car for Instructor & Test $100”

We offer MR Manual Gearbox.

For Medium Rigid Licence. Students Must have a Car licence or LR  licence


“If want to Hire MR Truck for Test $350”

We offer HR-Automatic, HR-Synchromesh (Single Clutch) and HR-Road Ranger (Double Clutch- Full Licence).

For Heavy Rigid Licence. Students Must have a minimum 2 year Car full licence or MR or LR 1 year licence


“If want to Hire MR Truck for Test $350”


You must be at least 19 years old and have held your provisional licence (red and green Ps) for a total of two years in order to advance to your full drivers licence in Western Australia.

When your provisional licence expires after two years, if you maintain a clean driving record, you will automatically advance (upon renewal) to a WA drivers licence.

This requirement does not apply to any time your licence was revoked or suspended due to traffic violations.

Depending on how serious the offence was, you could need to restart accruing time, and whatever time you have already accumulated will be lost.

You must first determine whether your foreign driver’s licence is from a recognised country or a recognised country for experienced drivers. You can see here which tests you might need to take.

If you hold a permanent residence visa, you may utilise your current, active overseas licences for up to three months. The three months begin either when you moved into WA or, if your visa wasn’t obtained abroad, when it was granted.

Before beginning your training to operate an HR class vehicle, you must:

an LR class licence, an MR class licence, or a C class licence with one year of experience
You do not need a learner’s permit, however you must be accompanied by a supervisor who is one of the following:

a certified driving instructor with a driver’s licence of class HR or above (this includes a driving instructor who delivers HR driver training for a DoT approved Registered Training Organisation).
a driver’s licence class HR or higher-holding instructor in a youth driver education programme.
a person with a valid HR driving licence who has had it for at least 4 years.

You won’t need to take the heavy vehicle theory test if you presently hold an MR class driver’s licence or have successfully completed a training unit with an authorised Registered Training Organization (RTO).

The Heavy Vehicle Theory Test is required if you currently hold a C class or LR class driver’s licence. It consists of 10 questions, and in order to pass, you must correctly answer 8 of them.

After, You must participate in a Heavy Rigid (HR) vehicle practical driving assessment (PDA).